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Banana Kick

A leading marketing agency specialising in sport, leisure and experiential.

Project summary

Bananakick wanted their new site to be modern, bold, creative and effective and they turned to us to make their vision a reality.

Following their creative direction we produced a site that would allow their work to shine through. The homepage merges their work and latest news with updates from their social media channels in real time, giving them a constantly updating one-stop shop of everything going on at the agency.

We developed the site to be fully responsive, allowing their brand to be communicated clearly no matter what device is being used. What’s more, we gave them powerful content management to allow them to constantly add new content with ease.


  • Front end production, HTML, CSS, JQuery
  • Social media channel API integration
  • Bespoke Wordpress customisation/theme development
  • Fully responsive design

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Social media channel API integration

Social media channel API integration

The bespoke Banana Kick social stream is the heart of the site and offers visitors a real time view of everything going on at the agency. Leveraging different APIs to talk directly to the individual social channels we pull in all the latest activity from across the web. We merge into this the latest news and features from the site to give a constantly updating social stream of content, making the homepage a vibrant and current snapshot of the company and encouraging visitors to connect and interact.

Fully responsive design

The way that people access the web has changed, as have their expectations. They now expect to be able to access a site on their phones just as easily as they do on their desktop computers. Whereas previously we may have considered a mobile version of a site, the changing landscape of web browsers now means that this isn’t a reliable or efficient way to work.

The range of devices accessing sites is constantly changing, whether that be high resolution desktop machines, laptops, netbooks, tablets or mobile devices, it’s become vital to allow our sites to adapt intelligently.

By using advanced CSS techniques and media queries, we provide an optimal viewing experience by serving different styles based on the user’s screen resolution. This means that the site automatically adapts and reformats to ensure that it is just as beautiful, clear and easy to use, no matter what device is being used.

Banana Kick responsive design

Bespoke Wordpress customisation

Over 60 million websites are powered by Wordpress, a powerful open source content management platform. We love Wordpress because it offers great power and flexibility as well as offering our clients a clear and simple way to manage their sites.

Our experience allows us to customise the platform to meet our client’s specific needs, adding custom post types and other features tailored to their site’s requirements. Not everyone’s content is the same so we customise the user experience to ensure managing our client’s unique content is as clear and simple as it can be.

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What the client had to say…

“Simon is a pleasure to work with. Knowledgeable, accommodating and professional throughout.”

Lee Grasby, Account Director, Banana Kick